This is me


is my first love

I have always been fascinated by aircraft, airports and all the aviation stuff. Therefore, my dream job always has been pilot. I learned as much as possible about aviation and are still learning. But I could not start an apprenticeship as pilot due to my glasses and valid EU-regulations.

Just as

tourism and MICE

My world is the tourism industry. There are so many business fields in this industry: hotels, aviation, travel operators and the MICE industry (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibitions) as a big part of tourism. As I love the event-based tourism, I specialized myself in some fields during my studies:

Business Tourism

MICE industry

Tourism marketing

Marketing management

The world 

is my home

I already felt in love with tourism during my childhood. So I spend every free minute and cent to explore the world. With its inestimable beauty and diversity, it offers a unique opportunity for personal development. In this world, there are so many different cultures and people, unique places and natural spectacles that make it so unique and beautiful. A life is not enough to explore everything this world has to offer. But my passion for tourism allows me to learn from it and to show it to other people in a way they never saw the world before.